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Date(s) - 19/03/2015 - 20/03/2015
8:00 pm - 1:00 am

Cafe Oto


Fundraising event for the film ‘Unpredictable’​­

Tickets: £10, advance £8, Cafe Oto members £6 Thursday 19th March 2015

Performances: 20.30 until 23.35 / DJs: 23.35 until 01:00

‘Unpredictable’​ is a film by Blanca Regina that evaluates the work of groundbreaking musician Terry Day. It brings together some of the founding members of the free improvisation music scene in Europe to reflect on their ideas and memories. It features Terry Day, Steve Beresford, Evan Parker, David Toop, Charlie Hart, George Khan, Mike Figgis and Han Bennink, among others. The film uncovers previously unknown aspects of Terry Day ́s artistic output.

For the film ‘Unpredictable’, a fundraising campaign in Indiegogo has been organised to raise at least £12,000 for production, edit and post­production.

  • ­  8.30 ­- 8.45 ­ David Toop ​(flute, electronics, etc.), ​Terry Day​ (balloons, pipes, drums) & ​John Butcher ​(saxophones)
  • ­  8.50 ­- 9.05 ­ Steve Beresford ​(piano and electronics) & ​Okkyung Lee ​(cello)
  • ­  9.10 ­- 9.25 ­ Davey Payne ​(saxophones),​Charlie Hart​(double bass), ​Terry Day​(drums) & ​PatThomas ​(piano, electronics)
  • ­  9.30 -­ 9.45 ­ Hannah Marshall ​(cello), ​Phil Minton ​(voice) & ​Satoko Fukuda ​(violin)
  • ­  9.50 -­ 10.05 ­ Max Eastley ​(self made instruments), ​Steve Beresford​ (piano, electronics), ​David Toop ​(flute, electronics, etc.), ​Terry Day ​(balloons, pipes) & ​Pete Cusack ​(guitar, etc.)
  • ­  10.10 -­ 10.25​­ ​Screening of an extract from the film ​’​Unpredictable’
  • ­  10.25 -­ 10.40 ­ Terry Day ​(drums), ​Phil Minton ​(voice), ​Pat Thomas ​(piano, electronics)​& ​Satoko Fukuda ​(violin)
  • ­  10.45­ – 11.00 ­ Max Eastley ​(self made instruments), ​Okkyung Lee ​(cello) & ​John Butcher (saxophones)
  • ­  11.00 -­ 11.15 ­ Hannah Marshall ​(cello) &​Davey Payne ​(saxophones)
  • ­  11. 20 -­ 11.35 ­ George Khan ​(saxophones), ​Mike Figgis​ (piano, trumpet, bass guitar) ​Charlie Hart​(double bass) & ​Terry Day​ (drums)
  • ­  All evening ­ ​Live painting by ​Gina Southgate
  • ­  11.35 ­- 01.00 ­ ​DJs ​Syd Kemp​and ​ Pierre Bouvier Patron
  • ¡Plus surprise acts by other amazing musicians!

STEVE BERESFORD​ is a composer, musician and arranger, a veteran of countless bands from the Slits, The Frank Chickens to the Melody Four. He has been a central figure in the British improvising scene for over thirty years working with the likes of Derek Bailey, Evan Parker and Han Bennink.

JOHN BUTCHER​’s work ranges through improvisation, his own compositions, multitracked pieces and explorations with feedback and extreme acoustics. Recent collaborative projects include ​The Apophonics ​with Gino Robair and John Edwards and ​Anemone​with trumpeter Peter Evans. ​

PIERRE BOUVIER PATRON ​is a visual artist​b​orn in Lyon and currently based in London. His projects include videoclips for Syd Kemp and other bands. He is part of the ‘Unpredictable’ film crew as camera operator and editor.

PETER CUSACK ​is a sound artist and (improvising) musician, and is also active as a field recording artist (e.g. ́Baikal Ice ́, 2003) and a teacher. In his capacity as a musician, he co­founded and directed the London Musicians’ Collective and was a member of the group Alterations with Steve Beresford, David Toop and Terry Day.

TERRY DAY ​is an improviser, multi­instrumentalist, lyricist, songwriter, visual artist and poet ­ a first generation pioneer improviser from the 1960s. He formed a duo with Derek Bailey in the late ́60s and was a regular member of The Continuous Music Ensemble, People Band and, later on, Alterations with Toop, Beresford & Pete Cusack. Since then he has collaborated with many musical luminaries, groups, dancers, painters, poets and performed in theatre.

MAX EASTLEY ​is an internationally recognized artist who combines kinetic sculpture and sound into a unique art form. He is well known as a musician and has played many solo concerts and also played with numerous other musicians such as David Toop, Evan Parker, Steve Beresford, Aleks Kolkowski and Rhodri Davies.

MIKE FIGGIS ​is an Academy Award­nominated film director, notably for the 1996 film ́Leaving Las Vegas ́, a writer and composer. His work crosses boundaries and stylistic areas. He principally plays piano and trumpet and is a long time member of the People Band.​

SATOKO FUKUDA ​is a violinist and dancer, who moves fluidly from the classical music scene to the the world of free improvisation. She has taken part in the London Fashion Show and the London Jazz Festival and works with many musicians, including John Russell, Henry Lowther, Terry Day and Steve Beresford.

CHARLIE HART​ plays violin, bass, and piano. In the the early ‘70s he joined Ian Dury in the band Kilburn and the Highroads and has been a long time member of the People Band. He has also been appearing with his own band ‘The Equators’ and pursuing his own writing.

SYD KEMP​ is a French musician based in London and the leader of the band Syd Kemp. He is a music producer with a studio in Hackney and has been working with rock and experimental music bands.

GEORGE KHAN​­ also sometimes credited as ​Nisam Ahmed Khan​­ is an artist and multi­instrumentalist who has been part of the British music scene since the late ’60s. He principally plays saxophones and flute and is a long time member of the People Band.  In the ‘70s he recorded with the Crazy World of Arthur Brown and Robert Wyatt.

OKKYUNG LEE ​plays cello in improvisation and composition. She incorporates jazz, sounds, Korean traditional music, and noise with extended techniques. She has performed and recorded with numerous artists such as Laurie Anderson, John Butcher, Thurston Moore, Evan Parker and John Zorn.

HANNAH MARSHALL​ is a cellist who plays improvised and experimental music as well as creating compositions. She has played with Veryan Weston, Terry Day, Alex Ward, Lauren Kinsella, Alison Blunt and perform at various international festival.

PHIL MINTON​ is a singer and trumpet player. Since the eighties he has run the Feral Choir, where he conducts workshops and concerts for anyone who wants to sing. He has a quartet with Veryan Weston, Roger Turner and John Butcher and performs with many other musicians. ​

DAVEY PAYNE ​is an English saxophonist best known as a member of Ian Dury’s backing band The Blockheads, and his twin saxophone solo on their 1978 hit single ‘Hit Me with Your Rhythm Stick.’
For many years he has been a regular member of the People Band.

BLANCA REGINA ​is an artist, educator and curator who focuses on live performance, music and moving image. She works in free improvisation, solo and collectively. She has worked with Matthias Kispert, Leafcutter John, Steve Beresford, Terry Day, John White & Sharon Gal among others.

GINA SOUTHGATE ​is an artist who, through a growing interest in music and the aesthetic of musical instruments, began to paint at gigs. She is well-known on the London free music and jazz scene where she has painted and performed live at gigs for 25 years.

PAT THOMAS​ plays piano and electronics. In the ‘90s he played with both Derek Bailey and Tony Oxley and had a long association with the late Lol Coxhill. He has released several highly acclaimed solo records and has an ongoing project with Orphy Robinson ­ Black Top ­ performing recently with Jamaaladeen Tacuma & Steve Williamson.

DAVID TOOP ​is a composer/musician, author and curator based in London with experience in many fields of sound art and music. He has performed with artists ranging from John Zorn, Evan Parker and Bob Cobbing to Akio Suzuki, Elaine Mitchener, Scanner and Max Eastley.

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