6pm – 9pm
Age Range: 18 – 25

What is the project about?
One for those interested in visual art! Learn how to create videos and project them on various surfaces. Get an introduction to video editing, image manipulation and projection mapping in real time. Participants will be using Madmapper software to create audiovisual projections in objects and space.

What will I get from taking part?
At the end of this workshop students will be able to:

  • Shape video into objects and spaces
  • Create various projections simultaneously
  • Learn how to stream a mapping content into a streaming service

Who will be teaching the project?
Blanca Regina is an interdisciplinary artist, tutor and independent curator based in London who works with spontaneous composition systems using voice, objects, electronics and visuals. She creates films, music, video mapping, design projects, eco-NFTs and book arts.

She has been leading audio-visual performance art, projection mapping and crypto art workshops plus curated events internationally. Her work has been supported by Arts Council England, Sound & Music, BMC, Amexcid, Photo-España and Garage Cube with presentations in the UK at Cafe Oto, Turner Contemporary, Barbican, Tate Modern, The Ceramic House and Centrala.

Do I need any particular skills or experience to take part?
This course is designed for beginners and anyone interested in audiovisual projections in spaces and objects and their application in artistic and creative practice.

Is there anything I need to bring or wear?

How to Enrol or apply:
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I’m not sure I can afford to take part…
If you need help to pay for things like project fees, transport or childcare, we can help. Find out how you can get support.

I have additional needs. Can I still take part?
We have places available on all our projects for individuals with additional needs. Get in touch so that we can discuss your requirements and do our best in supporting you.

Where is the project taking place?
Roundhouse Studios