‘Narrating Structures’ Videomapping workshop is an intensive workshop where we introduce projection mapping and immersive space design. We will look at diverse techniques for the production of audiovisual projects in architectural spaces and objects and also their application in artistic and creative practice plus show how to stream your mapping content into a streaming service. Tickets

The 2-day workshop is presented in sections with hands-on practice.

1st Session >> Saturday
– Introduction to the mentor and presentation of their work in this field.
– Study of multiple video mapping projects.
(Lunch break)
– Introduction to MadMapper 5
– Hands-on
– Projection mapping on different surfaces.
– Hands-on

2nd Session >> Sunday
– Recap and Questions.
– Technical specifications.
– Introduction to Key, Midi, and OSC Controls with MadMapper.
– Hands-on
(Lunch break)
– Creating content and live techniques for performances, installations, and streaming
– Creation and presentation of a specific project.
– Hands-on

At the end of this workshop you will be able to:
– Create various projections simultaneously
– Shape light into objects and spaces
– Learn how to stream your mapping content into a streaming service.
– Project management and networking with local and international communities.This workshop is for artists, graphic designers, architects, and anybody interested. Supported by Garage Cube & MadMapper


Narrating Structures: video-mapping workshop (ENG)

Since 2011 I’ve been presenting Narrating Structures: video mapping workshops internationally.

During the workshops, we focus on live video performance and video mapping, developing in depth the notion of projection image techniques and its application in performances and installations. We research video mapping as language and artform, not only as a technic.

Contents include:

  • Performing visuals: history and techniques ( vídeo/photo/ real-time/code)
  • Sound for performance and design
  • Projection techniques: real-time and installations
  • Space design and analysis
  • Application: scenic/ installation/ interactive

    These workshops are targeted for artists, graphic designers, musicians, stage designers, architects… Every workshop finishes with a public presentation of the results developed throughout the workshop. Supported by Garage Cube, Modul8 y Mad MapperCollaborators for the workshops include artists Pierre Bouvier PatronGorka Cortazar, Adrian Cuervo, Guillermo Casado, United Vjs, Reuben Sutherland and Mark Watson.

In London, presentations include Goldsmiths University London, Ravensbourne University, Guildhall School of Music & Drama, Kent University, London College of Communication.
In Spain, at Medialab Prado (Madrid), Etopía (Zaragoza),  Numa Circuit (Tenerife), Festival de Cine ( Las Palmas de Gran Canaria).
In Mexico at Laboratorio de Ciudadanía Digital ( El Faro de Oriente, CDMX),  Fundación Pedro Meyer ( CDMX) MUPO (Oaxaca).
Talks include presentations at St. Petersburg and Moscow in Russia and festivals LPM Rome (Italy),  Vision’r (France), Maus Habitos (Portugal) in Europe.

Narrando Estructuras: taller de videomapping (ES)

Los talleres que imparto en las materias de videomapping  y creación audiovisual desde 2009 son con apoyo de Garage Cube, Modul8 y Mad Mapper incluyen colaboraciones con artistas y tutores Gorka Cortazar, Adrian Cuervo, Guillermo Casado, United Vjs, Reuben Sutherland o Mark Watson entre otros. Durante los talleres desarrollamos la noción y vemos en profundidad de  la técnica de proyección de imagen y su aplicación en instalaciones y performances. Investigamos la imagen proyectada no sólo como técnica sino como forma artística y lenguaje.


  • Imagen: Analógica y digital (creada con vídeo/foto/a tiempo real/código)
  • Sonido: diseño y performance
  • Técnicas de proyección a tiempo real e instalaciones.
  • Espacio: análisis de la forma/s y diseño.
  • Aplicación: escénica/instalación/interactiva.

Estos talleres están orientados a los profesionales en artes audiovisuales, escenografía, diseño gráfico, arquitectura y otras disciplinas afines.