I’m a member of the London Centre for Book Arts since 2015, where I developed through years of artist book projects, prints ( letterpress, lino, marbling, risograph) research, and self-publishing as an artistic practice.

I presented my first solo show in Mexico in 2016, including screenprint in textiles, large monotypes based on photography, sculpture, and audiovisual works ( projection mapping ), and collaborative performances where I worked in multiple studios including Taller de Fernando Sandoval in Oaxaca where learned to etch and created large scale monotypes.

This trip to Mexico changed my vision, I will spend four more years back and forth working in printmaking studios leading workshops and developing exhibitions. I worked back at Taller de Grabado de Fernando Sandoval. Other experience includes screenprint in paper and textile at El Ojo Peludo with Dr. Lakra. In Mexico City murals, lino, and etching with Antonio Griton.


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On the way to Oaxaca 

Screenprint, painted with acrylic and embroidery


Shadow in Condesa – Etching Drypoint – 2018

 Shadow #1 
large monotypes _ 2017

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Blanca Regina _ Paradise Yard _ Phytogram _2021

Blanca Regina _ I have time _ Letterpress_2018

Map _ Marbling on textile _ 2019

Eye Verse_ Lynotype_2020

Gradients _ Risograph_ 2022