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Date(s) - 18/04/2021
8:00 pm - 8:45 pm


Part of ArtFutura 2021 London Festival of Digital Culture and Creativity

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What reality? explores the concept of perception of the spaces that we inhabit. As in a dream, Blanca Regina & Pierre Bouvier Patron recreate the outside indoors merging architecture, found footage and their archives.

The AV performance presents a sonic improvisation with a visual elaboration, using different techniques and instruments.

The duo playfully respond to each other using music instruments as well as a video projection, questioning our notion of reality and perception: through the camera, the software, photography and sound.

Each of their performances is an ephemera show with painted slides along with videos of nature or urban landscapes onto video mapped and interactive objects. Digital coupled with analogic.

This is a pre-recorded live performance with Blanca and Pierre presenting a sonic improvisation with visuals.


About the artists

Blanca Regina is an artist, tutor and curator based in London who is currently involved in creating audio-visual performances, sound works, multimedia installations, photography and book arts. She has been leading audio-visual performance art and projection mapping workshops plus curated events internationally. ‘Expanded and Ephemera Audiovisual’ was her first solo exhibition presented in México, 2015. She has performed and created a number of films including artists, David Toop, Leafcutter John, Steve Beresford, Sharon Gal, Mandhira de Saram, Adriana Camacho and Matthias Kispert. Her work has been supported by Arts Council England, Sound & Music, BMC, Amexcid, Photo-España and Garage Cube. Last projects include the research with the Immersive Pipeline Project at Goldsmith University London and the artist residency at Solar, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain. HTTP://WWW.BLANCAREGINA.COM

Pierre Bouvier Patron is a visual artist based in London. He is currently working with different media, such as digital video and film, exploring the boundaries between them and creating moving image works, performances and installations. He has developed many practices and skills in various areas such as experimental film, documentary films, music videos, etc. He has been involved in video screenings and video performances, in solo or in collaboration with musicians such as Syd Kemp, Neil’s Children, artist Blanca Regina, and many others. His work has been shown in France, Spain, the United Kingdom, Germany, etc. His latest works include Unpredictable: Conversations with Improvisers, a series of 12 videos about improvisers in the UK. It also includes extensive participation with collectives such as Unpredictable Series, Strange Umbrellas, and a number of festivals including Sonic Waterloo, Art of Improvisers, Alterations Festivals among others. HTTPS://PIERREBOUVIERPATRON.TUMBLR.COM/ 

This event will be presented via Twitch. On the day our Box Office team will send you a link an hour before the event for you click on an join.


‘The world they create is playfully unreal and mysteriously enchanting

Phil England – The Wire, Nov 2020