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Date(s) - 25/10/2014
5:00 pm - 11:30 pm

Depford Cinema



Strange Umbrellas is happening on October 25th at Deptford Cinema. We are pleased to be hosting performances and screenings by Steph Horak, Adam Parkinson, Pierre Bouvier Patron,Tasos Tafarel Stamou, Steve Beresford, Art Terry, @Andrew Gillman, Chris Newman, Ben Sheppee and Blanca Regina.


Steph Horak: voice & electronics

Adam Parkinson: electronics

 Tasos Stamou & Steve Beresford duo: electronics & ukulele

Art Terry: songs


1-‘Alice expanded/expanded Alice’ is a performance around  ‘Alice in Wonderland’, using film, digital and live video.

The piece explores Alice’s multiples personalities via projection and reprojection to create a complete mise en abymes of her image.

This piece will be performed by Pierre Bouvier Patron and Blanca Regina



’10ml I.V.’ is an exploration of unrelenting increasing tension; like a python’s coils squeezing life into death.

In a flat above shops in anonymous south London, a well-off addict comes for his fix. But his dealer has been replaced by a middle-class white man. What’s the score? And who’s scoring what?

Alastair Mackenzie and Kobna Holdbrook Smith explore the competing values of risk and trust.


Written & Directed by Andrew Gillman http://andrewgillman.com/


‘100F’ – a collaboration with Jude Greenaway to mark 10 years of the Yellow Machines label. A glitchy electronica soundscape interpreted and visualised with a minimalist tech look – published as a hidden track on the album ‘Archive’.

‘Pinch of Peer’ – John Cage published a collection of graphic notation techniques from the Fluxus movement. Sheppee digitised these, adapted variations, and animated to the classical electronica by Kettel ‘Sending Orbs’.

By Ben Sheppee

‘3 maniquíes’

installation (Video mapping ) by Blanca Regina


5- ‘London’ by Chris Newman

Berlin-based Chris Newman’s video is a poetic and personal work shot on his last trip to London, when he presented a new composition for ensemble featuring pianist Tania Chen. A trip with Chen & Steve Beresford in a London cab is cut up with superpositions and an interesting mix of voices and soundtrack.


‘ELEMENTS’ by Tasos Stamou

“Elements” explores human experience in everyday urban rituals, in scenes that compose an anthology of  abstract short-stories. The scenes are primary focused in moments of non-events, while the camera is treated as a canvas of carefully composed tableaux, objective, yet not emotionally discharged of the human condition.


Poster Design: Jack Goldstein